Mental Health & Addiction Provider Portal

LocalHelpNow is a digital platform that connects treatment providers in your community with those seeking help.

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LocalHelpNow is Available on Mobile and Web

Our Provider Platform helps connect treatment providers throughout your community, providing easy access to services and support.

With our platform it’s easy to control your content and update providers. From web to mobile, LocalHelpNow is accessible to everyone. 

Designed for Simplicity

In just a few clicks you can discover the available options in your community and find the help you need.

Home Screen

The Home screen provides quick access to crisis care and warm lines as well as distinct categories for common providers throughout the community.

Additionally, the app can be easily customized to support recent events in real-time.

Services Screen

The Services screen provides a list of available services within a broader category.

For example, the Treatment Service Screen includes options such as: Alcohol and Drug Assessment, Detoxification, and Crisis Intervention.

Filter & Providers Screens

Users can quickly find options that align to their needs by selecting location, age, and payment requirements.

Once a user has selected the specific service they desire, the are presented with a list of providers sorted by nearest distance to their location.

Contact Screen

Connecting with providers has never been easier. Click to call, review their service offerings, find more information on their website, and get turn-by-turn directions with Apple and Google Maps.

Contacts can also be shared via text and email and will show up in your device’s contact list.
For Students. By Students.

LocalHelpNow is continuing to expand. We are extending our platform to focus on students searching for help. is a digital mental health community and resource guide for students.


Get access to live dashboards that show app demographics, utilization, and user behavior.

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